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Bürgerschaft (City Council)

Members of the city council on 13.04.2015

The municipal representation of the University and the Hanseatic City of Greifswald is known as the Bürgerschaft (city council).

Greifswald's citizens elect their chief policy- and decision-making body for a period of five years.

43 voluntary city councillors are responsible for making decisions on all the important and fundamental affairs of our city. 

The rights and obligations of citizens governing their work in their honorary positions are laid down in the municipal constitution for the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the statutes of the University and the Hanseatic City of Greifswald and the standing orders of the city council.

The city council ist represented by its president. She is supported by two vice-presidents.




The members ot the city concil can join together to form factions. There are six factions.


 Faction  number of members 
 CDU  11
 BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN - Forum 17.4  7
 SPD  6
 Bürgerliste Greifswald - FDP  5
 Kompetenz für Vorpommern  4


Two of the city council's members are independent: one representative of the Alternative Liste (AL) and one of the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD).

Their many responsibilities include, for example, decisions on the following matters: general principles governing administration, statutory and budgetary law, appointment and selection of individuals representing the city, boundary changes.  

Each member is obliged to participate and collaborate in the meetings of the city council. At the meeting, a resolution is made on specific matters.

The president of the city council ist responsible for convening and chairing the meeting.


Meeting room central committee


The city council ist supported in its decision-making process by various committees.


These include the central committee, specialist committees, subcommittees, advisory councils, plant and works committees for the municipal enterprises and the local authorities.


The central committee is responsible for coordinating the work of all the committees. It decides on all matters which have been delegated to it by decision ot the city council. Details are laid down in the statutes.


The statutes also govern the formation, composition and tasks of the committees. The latter perform an advisory function in the preparation of resolutions of the city council.


District representatives

The eight Greifswald district representatives advise on matters important to the respective district and in particular field questions, suggestions and proposals from residents.


Greifswald citizens who are voluntarily involved in the city council and their committees can be reached through the City Council Office.