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Goleniow, Gollnow / Poland

Woliner Tor Goleniow


Since 1986, we’ve had a relationship of friendship with the small town of Goleniów in north-west Poland. The twinning agreement was signed in 2006. The relationship between the two cities has been brought to life over the years through the partnership between the fire brigades, participation in Goleniów’s annual international art competition, the cooperation between the grammar schools, the Greifswalder Hochschulsportgemeinschaft (university sport association) joint paddling tours and much more.

Greifswald and Goleniów are part of the Pomerania euroregion, a network of German, Polish and Swedish regions aimed at strengthening cross-border partnership. The partnership between the two cities has been strengthened through the Pomerania euroregion and is in evidence in cross-border networks.


About Goleniów

Goleniów is located in the province of West Pomerania, about 20 km north of Szczecin. In 1268, Goleniów was awarded its city charter. Latin was already being taught in Goleniów in the 14th century, when reading and writing were still privileges of the nobility and the clergy. Its location on the rivers Ihna and Peene with access to the sea was important for the development of trade. As a medieval town in the Hanseatic League, Goleniów gained considerable wealth. In the Swedish period after 1648, the town became impoverished.

Szczecin-Goleniów, West Pomerania’s regional airport, is located in Goleniów. Today, the city has about 23,000 inhabitants.

The sights of Goleniów include the ruins of the medieval city wall, the Wollin City Gate and the late Gothic brick church of St. Catherine.