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Lund / Sweden


Lund has been a twin city of the University and Hanseatic City of Greifswald since 1990. The partnership developed from connections between the universities. A diverse range of contacts now exists, for example between youth bands, members of the Lund-Greifswald Association and the German-Swedish Association Greifswald e.V. .


City of Ideas


Lund is situated on the southern tip of Sweden near the Öresund. Founded in 990 AD, it is one of Sweden's oldest cities. The university was established in 1666. More than a third of the inhabitants are students. Lund is one of the fastest growing cities in Sweden.

Steady growth and the high proportion of students in the population keep the city young. With around 40,000 students, Lund is an important centre of education in Southern Sweden. The Ideon, Sweden’s first industrial park, was established in Lund in 1983. It is predominantly information and biotechnology companies which are located here at present.  

Lund is lined with numerous parks, cafes and brick facades and forms the cultural centre of the South. It was after the first inhabitants of Greifswald witnessed the "kulturnatten" that the idea was born of organising a night-time cultural event like this in Greifswald, too.

The Fairtrade City Lund is a pioneer in sustainability. 90 percent of the vehicles run on natural gas. Bicycles are the most used means of transport.

Because of this similarity to Greifswald, both cities regularly share experiences in climate protection and are also partners in EU projects.