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Szczecin, Stettin / Poland

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Ever since 1996, Greifswald and Szczecin/Stettin  have maintained a close friendship. The cities are connected not only by their maritime situation in Pomerania on either side of the German-Polish border and thus their leading role in the Pomerania euroregion, but also through common historical roots. Greifswald and Szczecin/Stettin have been official twin cities since 20 August 2010.

The connection between Greifswald and Szczecin/Stettin  is fostered by geographical proximity and offers great potential for development against the backdrop of European integration. Via the Pomerania euroregion, networks have been established between Greifswald and Szczecin/Stettin  which operate across borders. The spectrum of actors is broad. These include the Pommersche Landesmuseum (Pomeranian State Museum), the university, schools, art studios, the West Pomeranian Tourism Board or the Theatre Vorpommern (Theatre of Western Pomerania). In addition, there is intensive ongoing exchange between business partners, sports and senior citizens’ associations and churches.

One of the central, successful projects is the network for the prevention of addiction.  The polenmARkT festival has been held annually in Greifswald since 1997. It arose as a student initiative and is today one of the most interesting festivals of Polish culture in Germany. Szczecin is involved in the Early Childhood Education and Development in Childcare network, as well as the climate protection project.


About Szczecin

With about 406,000 inhabitants, Szczecin is the seventh-largest city in Poland and the capital of the Polish province of West Pomerania. It is located directly on the Oder estuary towards the Szczecin Lagoon and is shaped by one of the largest seaports in the Baltic region. Szczecin is a university town and, together with Kamien Pomorski, the seat of the Catholic archdiocese of Szczecin-Cammin.

Szczecin's old town was largely destroyed during the Second World War and was only partly rebuilt. Nevertheless, its historical roots are still visible today. The castle of the Pomeranian dukes, reconstructed in the 1980s, is one of Szczecin´s  main sights. The old town hall dates back to the 14th century and was reconstructed in its original Gothic style after being destroyed during the Second World War.