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Friendship Cities

Bryan College Station / USA (Texas)


Bryan College Station is a conurbation in the east of the US state of Texas. As in Greifswald, life here is shaped by the university. Texas A&M University boasts around 45,000 students, resulting in the region being known commonly as "Aggieland" after the university’s mascot.

Major points of interest include the George Bush Presidential Library and accompanying museum. Bryan College Station and Greifswald have had links since the mid-nineties, fostered in particular by the independent initiative of motivated parents from both cities. They organise a regular alternating exchange of students between 15 and 16 years of age every year.

Tartu / Estonia



Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia and the Baltic nation’s southern centre. Tartu is not only an old port town founded in 1030 by Grand Prince Jaroslav the Wise of Kiev, but also a modern university town. It is home to the only full university in the country, which is also the parent university of Tallinn Technical University. In the Biomedicum, Tartu boasts one of the most modern research facilities in the country.

The approximately 10,000 students bring a youthful energy to this time-honoured city. Numerous Gothic brick buildings shape the cityscape. Greifswald supports Tartu’s efforts to become a member of the European Route of Brick Gothic. In addition, both cities work together on the EU’s "TwinTownClimate" climate protection project and the Early Childhood Development Network. The cities have been linked since 2006.

Pomerode / Brazil

Pomerode  H.J.Musilinski

Pomerode in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina describes itself as the most German city in Brazil. Pomeranian emigrants settled here from 1861, leading to 92 per cent of the population being of German descent. A love of the German language and culture remains to this day, unique in Brazil.

The close relationship with German culture is witnessed in numerous half-timbered houses, culinary offerings and the annual "Festa Pomerana". This festival, featuring costumes, parades and brass band music, is celebrated for one week. There are several shooting clubs, folklore groups and bands in Pomerode.

The local historical museum cooperates closely with the Pommerschen Landesmuseum, something which led to a permanent Pomerode exhibition being opened in Greifswald. In addition, the universities of Blumenau, Santa Catarina and Greifswald cultivate collaborative partnerships together. Further contacts exist with the West Pomeranian Business Association (Unternehmerverband Vorpommern e.V.). Since 2015, Pomerode and Greifswald have been working on a joint action programme on climate protection as part of the 50 Municipal Climate Partnerships project, wich was voted on by the city council in autumn 2016.