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Newport News / Virginia USA

Lee Hall Mansion Newport News, VA


Newport News has been twinned with Greifswald since 2007. Greifswald and Newport News are bound by the connection that exists in both cities between their university and urban cultures and the orientation of their urban development towards close links between science, research and technology.

The main pillars of the twinning relationship are annual alternating visits by staff from both cities, as well as pupil and student exchange programmes. These personal contacts keep the partnership alive. The Friends of North America Association is particularly active in this regard. During exchanges visitors traditionally stay with host families. Personal friendships have developed in this way. 


About Newport News

Newport News is located in Virginia, on the east coast of the United States of America. The name of the harbour town, founded in 1621, can perhaps be traced back to Captain Christopher Newport, who brought English settlers and supplies to America in his ship.

Since then, the self-governing town of approximately 180,000 inhabitants has become the economic centre of the Peninsula region. Businesses such as the NASA Langley Research Center, Jefferson Lab (particle physics research centre), the Virginia Center for Innovative Technologies, Canon, Siemens and Liebherr have their headquarters here. The region around Newport News has one of the highest rates of scientists and engineers per capita in the United States.

And Newport News is the birthplace of legendary jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald.