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Caspar David Friedrich Picture Trail

Greifswald is the home town of the great Romantic painter, Caspar David Friedrich. Friedrich was born as the son of a soap and candle maker on 5 September 1774 when Greifswald was still a Swedish province. There are still places to be found in Greifswald today where the artist’s works and life can be traced. The Caspar David Friedrich Centre, an information and documentation centre on the painter’s life and works, is located in the Friedrich’s property where the soap factory is still intact. The roughly 18 kilometre long circular trail through the old town starts here and leads past the three large Gothic city churches as far as the Eldena Abbey ruins in the east and the famous Caspar David Friedrich view at the new cemetery in the west of the city. 15 stops in total can be explored with a professional guide. Original paintings, drawings and watercolours by the painter, including “Der Marktplatz von Greifswald mit der Familie Friedrich” (Greifswald Market Square with the Friedrich Family) (1818) watercolour or the “Ruine im Riesengebirge” (Ruins in the Sudeten Mountains) (1830/1835) painting, can be seen at the Pomeranian State Museum. The “On Friedrich’s trail in Greifswald” flyer is highly recommended as a guide.



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