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Business Incubators

In the BioTechnikum Greifswald and the Technologiezentrum Vorpommern, Greifswald has seen two highly competitive sector-specific technology and start-up centres established. With their modern infrastructure and comprehensive range of services, they offer excellent conditions for welcoming new start-ups and young companies. While the BioTechnikum focuses on sector-specific support for life sciences and healthcare companies on the university campus, the Technologiezentrum supports general technology-oriented start-ups in the Technologiepark (Technology Park).

Technologiezentrum Vorpommern


Business development has a long tradition in Greifswald. The Technologiezentrum (Technology Centre, TZV), for example, was founded as far back as in 1991. It is located in the middle of the Technologiepark Greifswald (Greifswald Technology Park) and boasts 2,600m² of laboratory and production space together with 3,600m² of office space. These are used by 58 companies with around 250 employees. In the 25 years of its existence, the TZV has supported well over 200 companies in its role as an incubator for companies in the region of Western Pomerania.


As the result of a multi-stage review and auditing procedure, the TZV was certified in 2010 as a recognised centre of innovation by the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Technologiezentren e.V." (Technology Centre Working Group), making it one of the 30 business incubators in Germany that have this certification. In addition to modern infrastructure in the form of office, laboratory, conference and seminar rooms, the centre provides expert advice and support for both start-ups as well as established businesses, and supports companies from project development through market launch to establishment in the marketplace. With a large number of projects and networks, the TZV seeks to highlight financing and sponsorship opportunities for start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as promoting collaboration with partners in the development and application of innovative technologies.

BioTechnikum Greifswald


BioTechnikum Greifswald (BTG) commenced operations in 1996. It boasts 4,300m² of lettable laboratory and office space. There are also community laboratories as well as a training and conference area. A DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 quality management system was introduced at BTG in 2005. This is particularly important for companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology sectors whose collaboration with clients operating internationally (e.g. pharmaceutical or medical technology companies) requires them to have the most thorough documentation possible.


At present, 30 companies are based at the BioTechnikum with approximately 160 employees. As a result of the range of tenants, the building’s technical facilities, and its proximity to the university campus, the BTG has a consistently high utilisation rate. Lets are focussed on the areas of biotechnology, biology and biomedicine. Alongside the provision of suitable laboratory and office space, services include advising, promoting and supporting resident businesses during the innovation process right up to market launch. Businesses are coached and comprehensively supported during needs analysis and marketing for the products and processes developed as well as with networking.