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Sailing harbour in the fishing village of Wieck

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Harbour Information:

The small fishing village of Wieck lies on the little River Ryck which flows into the Danish Wieck on the southern Bay of Greifswald. Wieck has been a part of the University and Hanseatic City of Greifswald since 1939. Wieck’s landmark is a wooden drawbridge in Dutch style. The bridge, completed in 1887, connects the Greifswald districts of Wieck and Eldena, and is now a technical monument.




Free berths which can be used by guests are located on the north and south shore of Ryck at various yacht and sailing clubs and are marked with green boards. For larger vessels requiring advance registration there are also spaces at the pier in front of the port authority to the north and in front of the MaJuWi on the south side. These berths are assigned by the harbour master. Sanitary facilities incl. showers are available at the Schipp In guesthouse next to the port authority. Shoreside power is available at all berths. An system for pumping out bilge and dirty water is also provided, as well as a system to bunker fresh water.


An approximately 190-metre-long pier on the northern side of the Ryck, just behind the jetty, is reserved for passenger ships.