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Location and Accessibility

Geographical Location

Located on the Greifswald Lagoon halfway to the islands of Usedom and Rügen 13° 22' 47" east longitude - 54° 05' 46" north latitude (Rathaus/City Hall)

Height above sea level: 7.0m (Fish Market)

Highest point: 33.6m above sea level (east of Diedrichshagen)

Lowest point: 2.4m below sea level (pumping station on the river Ryck, south of Wackerow)

Total area: 5,050ha, including: 370ha recreation area, 477ha of forest area, 133ha of water surface

As of 31/12/2010, Source: Statistical Office



Greifswald – Berlin 200km

Greifswald – Rostock 95km

Greifswald – Hamburg 250km

Greifswald – Malmö 2 hours by car + 3.5 hours by ferry from Mukran

Greifswald – Szczecin 120km

Greifswald – Rügen Island 30km

Greifswald – Usedom Island 30km

Road Connection


The University and Hanseatic City of Greifswald is connected to the neighbouring metropolitan regions of Berlin, Hamburg and Szczecin via the A20 Lübeck- Szczecin Baltic Sea motorway .


The Greifswald junction is located 12km west and the Gützkow/Greifswald junction is 18km south of the city centre.


The main road axis to the north to the island of Rügen and the Scandinavian and Baltic States is the B105 to Rügenzubringer B 96 (via the A 20). The B 109 takes over this function to the island of Usedom and to the Anklam/Pasewalk area. The two federal roads 105 and 109 also form a bypass to the south and west of the city.


The district of Greifswald-Riems Island is located about 10km north of the town centre. The exit from the B 105 to the island of Riems is signposted.

Train Journey




Quick, cheap and environmentally friendly travel to Greifswald. Enjoy your trip from the very beginning.


Deutsche Bahn (German railways) travel information not only provides train schedules, but also when buses leave and how long you need on foot to get to the next stop.


Long-distance connections via ICE or IC/EC are available in the direction of Berlin Hbf (main station), and in the direction of Hamburg Hbf. Individual direct connections are also available from Greifswald via Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart.


In addition, there are direct connections with the Usedom Bäderbahn (UBB) from the University and Hanseatic City of Greifswald to the east via the island of Usedom to Poland (Swinemünde), as well as connections to the north to the Fischland/Darß peninsula as far as Barth (changing in Stralsund).


The city port of Greifswald-Ladebow is connected to the rail network via a siding.


The University and Hanseatic City of Greifswald is located on the Stralsund/Sassnitz-Pasewalk-Berlin railway line.

Access by Waterways


The University and Hanseatic City of Greifswald is located directly on the Greifswald Lagoon/Baltic Sea. It therefore offers favourable natural conditions for shipping and water sports.

The Greifswald-Ladebow city harbour can be reached directly from the sea. The fairway is 6.9m deep. Roadside connections extend to the A 20 Baltic Sea motorway for heavy load transports. The city harbour also has a railway connection.

The University and Hanseatic City of Greifswald is directly connected to the River Oder via the German and Polish inland waterways network.


The town centre with its unique museum harbour is 4km inland. It is easily accessible via the navigable River Ryck with its 4m-deep fairway. Recreational boat berths and maritime trade can be found along the river, including the HanseYachts AG production facility.


Marinas are located at Greifswald-Wieck and Salinenstraße in Greifswald. The museum harbour is located in the Old Town.


Flight Connections

Flight Connections



Rostock-Laage    to Greifswald 95km


Neubrandenburg to Greifswald 65km


Heringsdorf        to Greifswald 75km




Schmoldow         to Greifswald 15km


Tutow                 to Greifswald 29km


Anklam               to Greifswald 35km


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