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Family and Living

Fahrrad vor dem Klinikum

Welcome Center

Our Welcome Center is the central point of contact for incomers from Germany and abroad and for regional businesses seeking to win new employees. By way of personal and confidential mentoring you receive individual help and support. With our strong partners and our effective network we provide the contacts you need to regional actors and institutions.

Profit from our local expertise – free of charge.

Information for Refugees

Contacts to official authorities, associations, organisations, churches and countless voluntary helpers.

Haupteingang zum Universitätsklinikum

Health, doctors and hospitals

University HospitalEvangelisches Krankenhaus Bethanien gGmbH (Mental health), Klinik für Kinder-und Jugendpsychiatrie (Mental Health for children), BDH-Klinik Greifswald  (Priority centre for the treatment of severe cranium and brain damage), Medigreif Parkklinik Greifswald, Search for doctors