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Campaign Heimathafen Greifswald

Logo der Erstwohnsitzkampagne

Since 2014 new inhabitants of Greifswald have been welcomed with unusual marketing initiatives in the context of our Primary Residence campaign, stimulating them to get better acquainted with their new home town. Under the banner “Heimathafen Greifswald. Mein Studienort – Mein Hauptwohnsitz” (“Home port Greifswald. My place of study - My main residence”) the city of Greifswald and Greifswald Marketing GmbH together with the university, student body and the AStA are promoting main residence registration in Greifswald. One element of this comprehensive advertising campaign is the Heimathafen Greifswald voucher book. A mixture of city guide and voucher offers from Greifswald retailers, cultural institutions & businesses.

The voucher book will be provided when you register your main residence with the Department of Registration in the Licensing and Registration Office (in the Stadthaus/council offices). At the same time, students and trainees can apply for welcome money of €100.